Benefits of Wired CCTV Networks


A CCTV network is a popular choice amongst business owners who want to add further security to their business or commercial property.

By installing a wired CCTV system, you’ll have a constant crime deterrent for any potential criminals whilst constantly monitoring and collecting any evidence you may need for any wrongdoing. Read more here.

 Here are some benefits of opting for a wired CCTV network for your business.

 What are the advantages of a wired CCTV network?

Wired CCTV systems are reliable for use in big buildings as they provide stable transmission data (keeping a clear image) and do not suffer from any interference from other devices.

Any kind of equipment that is wired is less vulnerable to hacking than wireless equipment. However, the wires are visible so are open to sabotage in order for a criminal to disable them. Find out if wireless is better.

The installation of wired cameras is a longer process than the installation of wireless and they can only be placed in areas closed to cabling to provide the network connection.

The process to replace or relocate the camera is also a longer process causing disruption to your building.

The main benefit a wired CCTV network has over a wireless one is reliability.

Wireless CCTV systems can be subjected to interference or hacking. Depending on how secure the network is, a wired CCTV system cannot be interfered with electromagnetic interference.