How to Make Your Bathroom More Eco-Friendly

Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Renovating your home to a more eco friendly environment is really helpful however, it requires a lot of planning.

With global warming becoming less of something that you might hear about on the news occasionally and more and more of a real threat, homeowners are increasingly changing their actions to become more eco-conscious and reduce the size of their carbon footprint.

One of the ways in which you can make your home more environmentally friendly is to make some simple changes to your bathroom which causes it to use less energy and water whilst in use. Since the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the home, it makes sense to start here if your goal is to have a completely eco-friendly house.

Water Sensors

You may not realise it, but each day gallons and gallons of water are wasted due to taps being left running for too long, taps being run whilst people are brushing their teeth, or even taps which are a little loose and leaking. You may not see it, but when you add up all the water which gets wasted daily, there is an absolutely huge amount.

This can be rectified by minimising water wastage in your home. Along with making smart changes such as tightening all of your leaky taps, using the tap when you’re rinsing your toothbrush and taking short showers rather than baths. Water sensors on your household taps can also be a great help. Along with being hygienic, these are more convenient and allow you to access water without even touching the tap.

This allows the tap to sense when a hand or object is no longer there and shuts off automatically. If you’re planning on having a new bathroom fitted, speak to Bella Bathrooms for their best eco-friendly options.

Are you planning to renovate your bathroom?

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Keep Temperatures Down

Your home’s hot water boiler could easily be one of the most energy-consuming appliances that you own. Most manufacturers pre-set hot water boilers are 140 degrees, and the majority of homeowners will simply leave their boiler on this standard setting.

However, taking the temperature down by just a small amount can have a significant effect on the amount of energy that your bathroom uses, and you’ll probably never notice the difference when it comes to how hot your bath or shower is. Reducing the boiler temperature by just ten degrees can save you 3-5% on your yearly energy costs. We recommend consulting a plumber before making any changes to your hot water boiler. Visit this website to see the benefits of servicing your boiler before winter.


It’s not just the appliances in your bathroom that you should be thinking about when you try and make it more environmentally friendly. When it comes to toilet roll, buying recycled rolls can often significantly help to reduce your carbon footprint.

If each family bought just one roll of recycled rather than standard toilet paper, thousands and thousands of trees could be saved. And, since trees are hugely important to the planet and to human life, it makes sense to spend just a few pennies more on recycled toilet paper instead.