Sustainable Renovations: Kitchen & Bathroom

Kitchen and bathroom renovators are an untapped market for energy efficiency upgrades.

The domestic energy efficiency market is missing out on a major untapped section of homeowners that are carrying out other renovations to their properties, such as a new kitchen or bathroom, an in-depth report into home energy efficiency suggests.

Householders that are having renovation works done to better adapt their properties to their family needs are three times more likely to invest in energy saving measures at the same time than those that are not.

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Why renovate your bathroom?

The team of researchers surveyed more than 1000 homeowners to find out why homeowners renovate and why they decide to improve their home energy efficiency. The aim of the research is to assist service providers and other agencies to improve take-up of domestic energy efficiency, including the Green Deal.

Research clearly shows that efficiency-only renovators are a small segment of the home renovation market. Amenity renovations, major structural changes to kitchens, bathrooms, and other living spaces in the home dominate the market, sometimes with efficiency measures included.

What are the trigger points?

The research, entitled ‘Value propositions for Energy-efficient Renovation Decisions’ (VERD), confounds previous perceptions of energy efficiency renovators as a discreet group motivated by saving money and being environmentally responsible. Sustainable remodelling.

The research concluded this is not the case and that people considering energy efficient renovations are just as likely to be influenced by factors relevant to amenity measures – such as the need to make better use of space at home, and what their circle of friends are doing or saying about renovations.

The survey found just one in 10 households is considering energy efficiency-only renovations. A much bigger motivator is ‘external triggers’, such as a boiler breaking down, account for four out of 10 households.