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Deep Cleaners for Your Office

If you need someone that offers office cleaning services that are all-inclusive and effective, then what are you waiting for? We recommend contacting Smartclean Services Ltd who operates across Brighton. Take a look.

The services that they offer are designed to get your workplace perfectly clean, whenever you require. This is known as “Deep Cleaning” and can be used on various occasions, for example a tenant has moved from the office building and you are looking to get it ready for the next occupant.

See: Office Cleaning Checklist.

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This cleaning covers:

  • Kitchen Area – including the sink, cupboards and the kitchen floor
  • Toilet Areas -tiles, toilets and basins as well. This includes product replenishment.
  • Offices – includes upholstery, carpets and other things, including wiping down work surfaces and window cleaning.
    Reception / Break Room – includes dusting and cleaning of windows, carpet, curtains, picture frames and other things within the areas of the buildings.
  • Hallways – includes doors, frames, door handles etc. should be very clean to attract visitors.

It is highly recommended to have deep office clean done at least once a week, especially as an office has many people going in and out of the building. It is also very important for the office block to be clean and well maintained. Share your thoughts with us.

After a regular cleaning service, you will be impressed by the efforts of the well trained employees of Smartclean Services, who will use the appropriate cleaning methods to leave all offices more presentable and welcoming.

There are many companies that offer different services when it comes to cleaning, but we always recommend the professional services of Smartclean Services Ltd. Call 0800 010 6871 to discuss your needs and receive a free quote.