Your Small Business Renovation Guide

Retail Store

As your business has grown, you would’ve noticed that the amount of storage and space you have isn’t sufficient anymore and you may find yourself outgrowing your environment. You don’t have to relocate; you can take charge of a complete shop refurbishment in your existing space.

Have your project run smoothly by staying organised and taking your time to do things properly. This will ensure for a quality transformation for your business, whether it is a shop or office. Read more information.

What permissions do you need?

If you are making extensive changes to your building, this normally requires planning permission from your council or local planning authority. Each site will have different requirements, but this typically includes the following:

  • Copies of application forms
  • Ownership of the property
  • Design & access statement
  • Site plan
  • Application fee

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As these applications can take a while to be processed, this should be done as soon as possible. The final decision is made upon what is known as ‘considerations’. This includes noise, disabled access and nature conservation.

Finding the right contractors

If you have the budget, it is definitely worth looking to hire a contractor, rather than going the DIY route. Source quotes for each job from different contractors as this will help you determine if you are getting your money’s worth with the company you choose. You can also ask for references from old clients.

The Design

Do you want new light fittings? Fitted out windows? New flooring? The design stage is the trickiest stage in the entire process. Look at your space and note down what your best features are and what ones you would like to accentuate.

Once you have a list of ideas, you can work with your contractors to come up with the best ideas.

Other things that may be suggested include the installation of automatic doors as this allows access to everybody, whilst saving space as there won’t be the requirement for opening space. Automatic doors here.